You can now monetize licensed music in Facebook videos

Calling all brands that are eligible for in-stream ads on Facebook. You can now make money using licensed music in your videos!

Facebook are the first platform to offer users the ability to monetize videos in this way. Initially the feature will be available to users in the U.S., before expanding to the rest of the world in the coming months.

Music Revenue Sharing could work well to remove barriers faced by creators whilst giving artists the chance advertise their music. Video creators will receive 20% revenue share on eligible videos, with a separate share going to music rights holders and to Meta.

Not too long ago, the rise of streaming brought with it a bit of backlash as people started using unlicensed songs during streams. With this new feature, Facebook are allowing both creators and music rights holders to make money, helping to solve the unlicensed music issue. Rather than simply providing licenced music for creators to use, like Twitch did, Meta figured out a way to benefit everyone and themselves. They’ll be needing it after their recent revenue decline.

It should also be noted that video marketing and streaming are gaining popularity. Even with the backlash received by Instagram who started putting more focus into video, only to be branded as ‘trying to be like TikTok‘, this trend is likely going to continue growing and evolving. This form of visual entertainment brings a certain level of social interaction online, which has been especially important since the pandemic.

To use Music Revenue Sharing, Content must satisfy Facebook’s monetization policies, Community Standards and music guidelines. The video must be at least 60 seconds long and there must be a visual component in the video as well; the licensed music itself cannot be its primary purpose.

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