Walmart Restored launches to bring customers refurbished products

Much like eBay and Amazon, Walmart have introduced Walmart Restored to bring customers refurbished products.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, most of us can probably agree that the global economy has seen better days, for that reason it’s not surprising that one increasingly popular way consumers are cutting down on costs is through buying refurbished products.

Although Walmart is already working with sellers and suppliers who sell refurbished top-quality products. those items will be even easier to find with the Walmart Restored program designation. All products listed on Walmart’s platform have been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned, and if for any reason a customer isn’t satisfied, they offer a 90-day free returns to help enable shopping with confidence.

The Walmart Restored program is helping build trust with our customers by offering fantastic value for shoppers. Online now and in select stores later this fall, the program also gives customers a choice and an opportunity to extend the life of a product.

Walmart Restored Eligibility

Qualified sellers for the Walmart Restored program are determined based on consistent refurbished Product Quality Requirements. These requirements include proof that sellers are the manufacturer or have purchased refurbished inventory directly from the manufacturer or authorized seller. Additionally, program participants must be in good standing with better than average performance ratings on Sellers in good standing adhere to Seller Performance Standards and have a history of superior performance. Walmart will review your account and inventory to ensure you meet all the program requirements prior to approval.

An item that is designated as Walmart Restored means that the item is in like-new condition with minor to no imperfections. It was professionally inspected, tested, cleaned, and refurbished to its original specifications by the manufacturer or a manufacturer-approved vendor.

Once you meet the requirements, you can select Restored from the Condition dropdown found during the item creation processes. Only eligible sellers will be allowed to use the term Restored in their listings.

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