Royal Mail Sunday delivery service officially available

For the first time ever this weekend, a Royal Mail Sunday delivery service became available to over 12,000 SME online retailers. This is a significant increase from the 75 large online retailers who had early access to the service.

Until now offering shoppers a next day delivery service, regardless of which day of the week they shop online, has been the preserve of the largest retailers. But Royal Mail is changing that. Now any retailer or marketplace seller using the Royal Mail Tracked 24 service will now be able to provide a next day delivery for items ordered on a Saturday.

This expanded Sunday delivery service will enable thousands more retailers, regardless of their size, to offer more choice and convenience to their customers. For the first time many retailers and marketplace sellers will have the ability to provide a seven-day delivery service to online shoppers.

There are only two questions you need to consider – do you want to open up your warehouse and ship on Saturdays (if you don’t already) and how long will it be before marketplaces adjust the delivery expectations they offer to customers and not shipping on a Saturday becomes a disadvantage.

Watch for marketplaces to adjust estimated day of arrival and double check your despatch times if you don’t ship on Saturdays to ensure the Royal Mail Sunday delivery service doesn’t impact your metrics.

We all know how convenient it is to order something online that will arrive the next day. It frees up time with the family, in the garden, or enjoying your favourite sport. Now you can do the same when ordering from thousands of smaller online retailers using our Tracked24 service, seven days a week. Royal Mail is transforming to make sure we deliver what you need now and in the future. This change will help thousands of businesses to offer the most convenient delivery options to their customers and to compete and grow.

The UK already trusts Royal Mail to deliver their purchases six-days-a-week both quickly and conveniently. From now on you can trust us to do just the same seven days a week.

– Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer, Royal Mail

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