Retroactive VAT filing with Amazon VAT Services

Oops, you’ve just noticed that you have had sales to various countries and haven’t been filing your VAT returns to the relevant authorities? Not to fear, Amazon VAT Services are here to save you with retroactive VAT filing. Yes, they’ve enabled the ability to manage your retroactive VAT filing in a self-service way on VAT services on Amazon.

VAT Services on Amazon is a VAT compliance solution that allows you to manage your European VAT registration and filing obligations via a third-party tax service provider in up to seven countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic). There is a one-time registration fee for every country you sign up or add for VAT registration. Once you start filing, you will be charged a monthly fee for VAT services on Amazon (Most EU countries require monthly filings, unlike the UK where the norm is to file quarterly).

In Seller Central, you can view the date from which your VAT obligations started in all the countries that you’re subscribed in, and log any retroactive VAT filings needed to comply with relevant tax requirements. This will of course, only give you the date you became liable for VAT based on your Amazon selling activities, not for those on any other channel or your own website.

The VAT filing dashboard is where you can learn more about retroactive filing and your past VAT obligations.

If the submission of your past VAT obligations page isn’t available in Seller Central, you can contact Amazon for help. You can also download the Amazon VAT filing handbook for more information, including how to add retroactive filings.

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