InPost CEO on consumer nervousness & retailer responsibilities

InPost CEO on consumer nervousness & retailer responsibilities

As far as we know, on Monday the UK will be removing restrictions and with cases continuing to rise as they did back in winter, the thought of our upcoming freedom is causing consumer nervousness.

Jason Tavaria, CEO of InPost has commented on the ongoing nervousness around the return to ‘normal life’ as Covid cases continue to rise. He focuses on how retailers need to continue being empathetic and find ways to engage with customers in a way that makes them feel safe and gives them flexibility. With the 19th being a day of uncertainty rather than celebration, continued efforts from brands and retailers will help consumers prioritise the safety of themselves and others.

“The prospect of returning to the high street against the backdrop of a surge in Covid cases across the UK, will feel more like a gamble than a celebration. And without the social distancing safety net in place, nor a requirement to wear a mask, many shoppers will feel it’s just not worth the risk of rushing back to shop in person – especially those who are at risk and those who aren’t double vaccinated.

“The reality is that many consumers will feel more comfortable shopping online. Retailers need to continue to be empathetic to these very real concerns about Covid and use all the tools at their disposal to give customers both choice and convenience as restrictions disappear. Out-of-home options such as lockers are a practical route to helping deliver a secure, safe and contact-free experience. Instead of having to wait around in queues, customers are able to pick up or return their goods on their own watch, and from a location that suits them. We are currently in a very sensitive situation and retailers must prioritise the safety of customers above all else.”
– Jason Tavaria, CEO, InPost

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