Etsy cancel current balances owed by all sellers in Ukraine

Etsy want to support their sellers in Ukraine and, to ensure that they still have businesses to return to, have announced that they will cancel all current balances owed by sellers in Ukraine.

This is a fantastic support step by Etsy, it’s bad enough being plunged into a war and having your country invaded without having to worry about your business. To see Etsy step up and ensure that at least their Etsy balance doesn’t hurt them even further is an amazing mark of compassion, not seen often enough in business, and very welcome to see.

Being part of a community means that when one part is suffering, the rest of us must step up and offer our support. To do our part, we’ve reached out to sellers in the region to ensure they know how to access help with their accounts or place their shops on hold during this difficult time. We also know that many sellers are facing tremendous financial hardship as a result of the turmoil. To alleviate some of the burden, we are canceling the current balances owed to Etsy by all sellers in Ukraine, which includes listing fees, transaction fees, advertising fees, and more. This represents a contribution of approximately $4 million towards our community.

Josh Silverman, CEO, Etsy

Josh went on to say that Etsy has long been committed to creating economic opportunities as well as offering assistance in times of distress or injustice. He says that their efforts to support Etsy sellers in Ukraine are a reflection of this commitment.

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