eBay Messages overhaul great in eBay app

An eBay Messages overhaul is available to try in Beta and I’m already liking it. First up is seamless threaded messaging and that means you can follow an entire conversation from one place without having to switch between sent and received messages. While it’s an ok experience on desktop, it’s slick as you like on the mobile app and so much more user friendly than what’s currently called the ‘Classic’ incantation.

As well as threaded messages, eBay are promising additional features will be added as part of the eBay Messages overhaul in the coming months. You can expect to see:

  • The ability to share and view links
  • The ability to make an offer from directly within messages
  • Be able to respond to messages from the selling menu
  • Have the ability to send payment reminders

While we don’t want to appear ungrateful, we’re thinking that sending payment reminders should be at the bottom of eBay’s priority list… Not because sellers don’t want to get paid, but because due to the work eBay have done to reduce unpaid items, and the promise that this will even encompass auctions in the future, it’s a feature that hopefully you’ll hardly ever have to use and your use of payment reminders will diminish to practically zero in the near future. Plus, eBay bugs buyers on your behalf to pay anyway.

What we would like to see added to the eBay Messages overhaul list is the one type of messages that are most often missed and hardest to handle – and that’s add a message to seller from checkout. It’s easy for a buyer to add a note at checkout, but from personal bitter experience it’s way to easy to miss these communications and having a back up notification in eBay messages would at least flag that you’ve missed a note that arrived with order payment.

When you get a chance, take a quick whizz through the eBay Messages overhaul on the mobile app and let us know what you think. You’ll definitely find it a cleaner more inviting GUI, but will it help you become more efficient in your business?

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