eBay.ca welcomes new shipping estimate badge

eBay.ca welcomes new shipping estimate badge

If you are a seller in Canada, you can now display a new shipping estimate badge on your profile. In an announcement, the company has detailed how the new badge will let sellers keep their customers informed.

“We’re happy to announce that starting Oct 21, 2021, a new shipping badge appears on eBay.ca to highlight items offering fast, free, and tracked shipping. The new shipping badge automatically appears on all eligible items on the item page, cart, and checkout on eBay.ca. This badge is designed to highlight to buyers items with the best shipping experience, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales.

In order to be eligible for the shipping badge, you need to:

  • Offer free shipping
  • Offer same-day or 1-day handling
  • Have your item arrive within four business days including your handling time
  • Ship with a tracked service and add the tracking number to your order on eBay

    As always, thank you for selling on eBay.”
    – eBay

The new shipping estimate badge started rolling out earlier this year in place of the contriversial Fast ‘N Free badge. As the badge makes its way to other global regions more sellers will be able to offer more transparency to customers. This prominent display of shipping speed also incentivizes sellers to offer faster service. Since the listing clearly states the number of days it will take for buyers to receive their items (unlike the ambiguous Fast ’N Free badge), sellers who offer faster shipping enjoy the highlight and it motivates them to offer the quickest possible shipping to keep their listings competitive in the modern world.

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