BigCommerce partners with Digital River

BigCommerce have announced a direct integration with Digital River, to provide mid-market to enterprise BigCommerce merchants with an all-in-one global commerce solution that fully manages payments, tax, fraud and compliance to simplify cross-border selling and accelerate global expansion.

Delivering localised checkout experiences and reconciling international sales can be daunting and burdensome. To remove these complexities, we’ve teamed with BigCommerce to manage the financial and legal responsibilities of cross-border selling on behalf of BigCommerce merchants to help them simplify operations and accelerate global expansion at less cost. Together we’re doing the heavy lifting so merchants can focus on what’s most important—global growth.

– Adam Coyle, CEO, Digital River

With a single integration, merchants can integrate Digital River’s Merchant of Record business model to mitigate risks and maximise conversions by delivering localised checkout experiences for both onshore and cross-border sales directly from within their BigCommerce store. As a result, merchants can easily deploy entry into new markets in as little as six weeks and simplify cross-border selling processes that can decrease operational costs by up to 30 percent.

Cross-border ecommerce continues to grow rapidly, and this partnership comes at a time when many merchants are prioritizing expansion to reach international customers. Our partnership with Digital River provides the global commerce solutions needed to go to market faster, at a lower cost and without the risk and complexities typically associated with cross-border commerce.

– Brent Bellm, CEO , BigCommerce

Key benefits include:

  • Global payment localisation. Merchants can leverage a number of leading payment providers with local entities to maximize authorizations and give shoppers access to their preferred currencies and payment methods such as local cards, buy-now-pay-later and wallets.
  • Minimize financial complexity. Merchants are able to minimize financial risks by managing compliance, fraud mitigation, currency conversion, chargebacks, and global reconciliation all from within their BigCommerce Control Panel.
  • Reduce legal risks. Merchants will mitigate risk from new regulations and ensure they adhere to local tax requirements in 240+ markets, overcoming global online selling liabilities ranging from consumer protection laws, collection of tax, duties and tariffs, payments compliance and fraud screening.
  • Maximize authorizations. Merchants gain instant access to leading transaction routing technologies and an expansive acquiring network that allow for lower global processing fees and increased authorization rates by up to 15% – saving significant time and expense.
  • Streamlined order management processes. Merchants can leverage logistics tools that handle end-to-end fulfillment from either Digital River’s existing partner network or from the merchant’s fulfillment partner of choice.

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