Amazon FBA and SFP changes – Expert insights

Amazon FBA and SFP changes - Expert insights

If you missed this Thursday’s webinar on Amazon FBA and SFP changes, then you can now rewatch it on TamebayTV or below.

The recent FBA and SFP changes have included later cut off times and shipping on a weekend day for SFP merchants and on FBA it’s all about your restock limits and IPI threshold. Combined, these changes are a challenge as together they make it more difficult to switch from one way of selling on Amazon to the other. That’s why we’re getting some expert SFP and FBA advice from an industry insider, Nish Udayakumar from Olsam, who not only deals with these issues on a daily basis in their own business, but who also used to work for Amazon and knows how the marketplace thinks.

Nish is Vice President of Investments at Olsam, an FBA consolidation business who manage the multiple brands they’ve acquired. This means they’re only too familiar with the challenges from a merchant perspective. Plus, as someone who used to work for Amazon as their Team Lead and Partner Manager looking after SFP and FBA he knows what makes the marketplace tick.

As well as expert FBA and SFP insights but Nish will share practical steps you can take to address the impact on your account and ensure that you can keep the maximum sales and exposure on Amazon regardless of your account’s current performance against these metrics. With the summer in full swing, it won’t be long before we hit Q4 and you need to be really on top of your account ready with restock limits and IPI scores that work for you, as well as having your products highlighted as Prime eligible if you use SPF.

Watch the webinar below, and if you have further questions post them in comments below and we’ll get Nish back to answer as many as possible:

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