Allegro Linnworks integration unlocks selling in Poland

Allegro Linnworks integration unlocks selling in Poland

A new Allegro Linnworks integration gives Linnworks users an easy way to access selling on the most popular shopping platform in Poland and one of the largest ecommerce websites in Europe.

Allegro is the biggest online marketplace in Poland that enjoys 40% share of the total ecommerce market with more than 20m customers. 90% of these customers shop on Allegro at least once a month.

Allegro fast facts

  • 10th most visited ecommerce worldwide
  • No fees for listing items in almost all categories
  • The most popular product search engine in Poland
  • 125,000 professional merchants
  • 20 million customers each month

Allegro Linnworks integration

The Allegro Linnworks channel integration allows businesses to connect the Allegro marketplace with their Linnworks account to manage orders and inventory from one place. The integration lets users download new orders and then process them in Linnworks which will automatically dispatch those orders on the channel.

The biggest challenge you will face when selling on Allegro will be language – you’ll need Polish speaking assistance both for translating descriptions and localising your product offers and for customer support. Second biggest will be logistics and Brexit hasn’t helped matters here – ideally you’ll want to look at fulfilment out of a warehouse in Europe to speed up deliveries and ensure you can ship with the minimum of customs paperwork and duty charges.

Crack these two challenges however and the Allegro Linnworks integration unlocks Poland – With the partnership of the marketplace and your multichannel management software you’ll be well set up for a successful launch.

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